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Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella PLLC Family Office and Concierge Services uses an integrated approach to manage a family's investments, assets, taxes, philanthropic activities, trusts, and legal and estate matters. By leveraging the experience of our talented professionals in conjunction with the trusted relationships we have with other providers, such as attorneys and wealth management advisors, we can help turn today's financial successes into sustainable personal wealth for you and your family. 

By engaging Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella PLLC Family Office, you will have one point of contact that will safely manage your personal financial organization, including your overall wealth and tax positions. We focus on providing innovative, flexible financial solutions to families and individuals of substantial wealth. Our experience, combined with leading edge technology, offers our clients personalized service that meets their complex financial needs.

Benefits of Our Services:

Entrusting Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella PLLC Family Office with your personal financial management will enable you to properly structure your wealth as well as help you preserve it for future generations. Additional benefits of our services include:

  • Continuous Strategic Guidance— Our team of professionals will provide you and your family with continuous guidance regarding your personal finances—promoting peak performance.
  • Decreased Expenses—Streamlining your personal financial organization often helps eliminate unnecessary waste, resulting in significant savings.
  • Reduced Risk of Fraud— Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella PLLC Family Office high level professionals will leverage their experience to identify signs of fraudulent activity and develop methods for proper internal controls.
  • Successful Estate/Succession Plan Implementation— Collaboration between your family, your investment professionals, attorneys and the Grassi & Co. team will ensure your family's succession plan is implemented as designed.
  • Access to Resources— Family members often have questions that go beyond basic family investments. Selecting Lichtenstein, Briefman & Sabella PLLC Family Office will provide you and your family with regular access to conflict-free tax, accounting and business advice.
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